At Muscle Pain Massage I specialize in massage to reduce and eliminate pain. Low back pain, sciatica, foot pain, neck and shoulder pain, stiff neck, tennis elbow- each of these conditions, and more, can be caused by muscle knots. If you have a pain that won't go away, or keeps coming back, call me. I will help you understand why you have the pain, massage the appropriate muscles, and teach you how to massage and stretch those muscles to prevent the pain from returning.
WORK  This type of massage is perfect for people with repetitive motion in their work such as computer operators and programmers, hairdressers, lawyers, and anyone else who performs the same motions day after day.
PLAY It's also great for people who work out or enjoy sports such as basketball, running, cycling, soccer, dancing, golf, or other sports.
ACCIDENTS If you've had an accident- a fall, or whiplash or car accident- massage can help get you back on your feet quicker and back to your normal routine.
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